03 May

In the middle of what once was a suburban town in Britain, a stray matted dog staggered weakly down the middle of a silent deserted road, finally settling in the doorway of what used to be a bank. 

The dog whined to itself before curling up in a ball of bones.

The surrounding houses and shops were wrecks. 

They stood as a jumble of ruined empty carcasses.

All about the road lay the belongings of people that once lived and worked here.

This scene was replicated across most towns and cities. 

Barren, ruined. 

An inescapable summer heat beat against layers of drifting dust.

In the middle of what once was a suburban town in Britain, as a stray dog welcomed sleep and as vacant buildings yawned silently, a crack in the air followed by a flash, temporarily lit up the street.

When the unnatural light and steam disappeared, in it's place stood a small tubby man holding the hand of a teenage girl.

Geoff Smith looked around and before he could take in the view, ‘She’ finished saying what she had started to say in a far-away secret hidden City.

I had to keep some detail from you about how bad things are out here, Geoff. 

Just so you’d get the job done in the City first. 

But, now we’re here, how can I put this…  

Do you know what an apocalypse is?

Geoff surveyed the dust filled void around him, "Oh for fucks..."

The End

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