04 Apr

Much as in the same way the four heads used various influential external world leading figures to communicate to the outside world, and control it,  so they did internally within Proactive Square.

For each building of business on the Square they had appointed Employee Communications Officer’s, or ECO warriors as some dubbed them for ironic entertainment.

The ECO warriors were the only people who had a hint of direct contact with the four heads although that was channelled through just one source. Terry Duran.

The ECO warriors were given control in each of the buildings they operated in. They were the mouth pieces of the infamous and mysterious four heads.

In terms of relationships between the four heads and the ECO’s, they were good on the surface. 

The four heads were not in a hurry to alienate their mouth pieces just yet. These tough but important messenger boys and girls were not only very good at their jobs (and not easily intimidated) but could offer strategic value and knew how to get the best out of staff.

Working relationships therefore flourished from the outset. They were tough,ready and hungry, a perfect combination in the eyes of the four heads.

The ECO warriors marched around their places of work like the ultimate big brother task force, proactive, organised and all powerful within their little empires. They were always in the know about what was going on and what players were defecting, with the ability to slap them back into line and quash any thoughts of mutiny.

There were seven ECO warriors in all, including the man put in charge of them, the fearsome Terry Duran.

Terry’s persona relied principally on a few attributes, his eyes were like black pearls, forever piercing and searching. Somehow his eyes went an even  deeper shade of black if in the throes of a temper, which was often. He had a booming rough ragged voice which demanded attention and froze those in his path who were seeking a meeting room or hole to hide in. 

Terry was both exceptionally influential and well informed, but also unhinged in the eyes of many, giving the impression he was capable of anything, with limits not being a word or notion he’d recognise. There were stories of Terry Duran pinning staff against walls, showering them in rage and spittle, of annihilating rebukes with more than one victim reported to have wet or soiled themselves.

For his part, he was just exceptional at what he did and knew how to get things done. He appeared not to be driven by morals or a need to be perceived well in the eyes of others.  Terry was lethally focused on whatever tasks he had, and nothing stood in the way of that, not a bleeding heart and certainly not sympathy or empathy. 

He was slight in build, a little pale with a neat crew cut hairstyle. On first appearances, he wasn't much to look at physically but as soon as those eyes locked on workers, or whenever he spoke, he became something exponentially more.

Terry was 'the man,' in HQ and would be seen daily, charging around grabbing managers and staff alike for quiet and informal words or just to simply scream at. For Terry liked a good shout and the corridors of power were Terry’s plaything.

He rarely pronounced rules or laws as was the heads directive, but rather he implied them, meaning they flexed and changed depending on the requirements. Terry pulled up anyone he chose for perceived indiscretions or actions that were not in keeping with the ever fluid culture of Proactive Square.

Twice a week the ECO warriors would gather for an 8.30 am meeting and at these meetings, Terry would relay the strategy and upcoming events or items to make sure his ECO underlings were primed and all on the same page. 

The four heads in the meantime trusted Terry and were delighted with his performance. Terry was so good in fact that the four heads had little need to instruct him.  He often arrived armed with ideas and plans tuned to their own, ready made to implement.  

Terry Duran,  the definition of proactive and central to the Square's running itself.

Collectively and under his guidance, they ensured that some on the outside did well and saw a profit or were stable. They were careful in that the economy retained something of a decent look to those living in it every day, for the time being at least, and most of all they ensured the four heads and Proactive Square itself were drowning even deeper in a sea of wealth, power and influence.

Beyond the ECO warriors, the other simple yet effective trick employed for keeping citizens in line, was via internal media.   

The intricate and delicate editing of all broadcasts was meticulous, to the point that world news was manipulated with real images but entirely false stories to accompany them.  A lot of reports consisted of menial news and bad politics, of turgid developments that made City citizens feel grateful they were safely cocooned away from ‘the world,’ with an ‘us and them’ attitude gradually being adopted.

They showed nothing too dramatic or alarming but rather presented a feeling of general apathy and disinterest, as if ‘the world’ had grinded to a halt and was not worth being part of, in spite of all the riches the City was giving them mankind was stumbling along busying itself with more petty matters. 

Alternatively, broadcasts did create positivity in terms of an outside view of the City itself, with tales of praise for its dedicated workers who were helping to shape a substantially brighter financial future for the globe. This false news praised the hard-working employees of the City for their sacrifice and selfless work, they were heroes after all, and even went as far to compare them to the men and women who went away to war to protect their families and homes.

Why would anyone want to leave this place?

Wealth, honour and betterment, who could ask for anything else?

The world was a bore, its only ray of sunshine was the prosperity Proactive Square could provide.

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