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The Brew Family - Damon, Doreen and Denny

A highly regarded family within the congregation. Damon Brew is a senior member in the congregation of Matthew's Prophet's. Damon is earnest, genuine in his belief and a confidante to many of the congregation's members. Damon has an enemy within the congregation and rival who sees him as a threat to power. Damon seeks nothing of the sort.

Doreen his wife, was raised as a Prophet and knows no other way of life. Doreen is fearful of the outside world as a result, and of demonic possession. With the Prophet's constant messages of Satan and his demons luring people away, it's an obsession that fuels her desire to 'stay on the righteous path.'

Denny, the son, is living a confused double life. Aged just twelve, he struggles with a growing crisis of faith and yearns for freedom away from the Prophet's.  Denny has on an unconscious level, absorbed his mother's terror of 'The Devil and His Agents.' Denny has 'worldly' friends in Neil and Nathaniel and he relishes the escape their company brings. Nathaniel makes a discovery one summer's day, but something lies under the surface unseen, watching, probing. Denny unwittingly houses an entity and nourishes it.

The Bernard Family - Raymond, Catherine, Derek and Rose

The unofficial congregation leaders. Derek and his wife Rose have been present from the beginning of the congregation's collective life. Derek and Rose, ageing but controlling, have ideas of grandeur for their son Raymond, recently married to Catherine. Raymond Bernard has taken over the mantle from his father as the Prophet's leader. Raymond's charismatic manner and endless charm, his ability to influence and convince along with his more manipulative tendencies, make him a powerful force. His wife, Catherine is beautiful and much admired by all congregation members. Their marriage is seemingly a match made in heaven. But Catherine is left unsatisfied by Raymond's neglect of her in favour of 'his flock.' A serious diagnosis leads Catherine to question her husband and her own choices. Raymond though, discovers Denny's new unseen and unwanted companion, and mistakenly believes he is in the presence of God. A belief the growing entity will not let go to waste and one which Raymond revels in.

The Coal Shed  

A place of overwhelming superstitious fear for Denny.  Doreen disapproves of the literature Denny has been sneaking into the home. He starts reading Stephen King and borrowing horror movies, comics, while listening to 'highly questionable music.' Whenever Doreen finds his stash, she puts them in the coal shed, admonishing Denny with the hideous dangers of demonic possession. As a result Denny fears his mother might be right and imagines demonic forces hiding in the coal, waiting for him. 

Fears can often be realised.

Neil and Nathanial  

Denny's two best friends, with the boys being inseparable during the summer holidays. Only the obligations of the Matthew's Prophet's can keep Denny away. Neil is the toughest of the trio, the one they follow, while Nathaniel fancies himself as quite the explorer and inventor. They keep a respectful distance from Denny's unfortunate other life, but when they each encounter the creature haunting Denny's life and surrounding's, the two boys must choose whether to fight by his side or stay away.


A struggling member in the congregation, Maude suffers with anxiety and depression but is swayed by the Prophet elders into not seeking medical help, but rather to look for answers in God. A visit from Raymond and Derek Bernard leaves Maude feeling infinitely worse and with her condition worsening, the Bernard's suggest a demon is in her home, opening up a chasm of paranoia. Maude needn't worry about demons. Something infinitely worse is coming for her.

Fran Simpson and Clint Holmes

Fran is an elderly lady, grieving for her long departed love, John Simpson. The death of her beloved over ten years ago drew her to the Matthew's Prophet's and the hope of resurrection. Fran yearns for John and her comfort lies in the belief they will be reunited after the end times, Armageddon. 

Clint Holmes has not been a Prophet long. A man who revels in himself, he spies opportunity within the Prophet's. He does not believe the teachings but rather eyes a pay day. Fran Simpson is his ticket. He cares for her, aids her, all the while mimicking Fran's memory of John, providing her with both pain and dependence in equal measure. Clint however, find himself in the centre of a darker plan after a chance encounter with a certain coal shed. 

The Entity



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