Lustily Kill

War drug!

An intergalactic war, but one side is cheating...and to what end?

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Infinitesimal Antique

The antiques show packs a surprise

A punter gets more than he bargained for when presenting his antique.

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Apocalypse escapism

A commercial for the famed BlissTonica. Why not try some today!

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Multiverse Designer Re-designer Designer and so forth

Renovate Renovate etc

Star host Granulated Cuthbert meets the Harkatthem family, and hears tales of a Cloud God and millipedes.

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The Beastly Den

Pitch for a new business idea

Will the billionaires be tempted into an investment for this foody/fashion enthusiast?

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The Honeymoon

Inter galactic anti-social encounters of the nothing kind

He is a fruit cake