26 Jan

YouTube production version

I race through the night and into the green. So alive I feel, hungry and free.

Little lives try to escape, but to no avail. Crimson dust from severed limbs. The taste of sweet droplets splashing my face. I am truly myself, uniquely me. When the monster inhabits then breaks free.

I require no full moon or bite from a beast. Savagery always resides in me.

And tonight… I set it free.

Forever behind me, toying as if I were prey. I hear its growls and the sounds of tearing flesh as it thunders over leafy grounds which shudder in protest. The gash across my belly hurts ever more, it could have killed me then…but chose no more.

Until tonight, that is, as I saw it again. Eyes burning through night and into my head. I turned on my heels and started to run. It growled all around me, hunting for fun. I cry silently stowed away in the bark of a tree.

It is warmer, safer here, for food like me.

She thinks she is safe. In the bark of a tree. I smile to myself, has she truly not seen all of me? Vast, strong immortal and true. My mark, the slash on her belly, smells ripe like food. I watch her now, cringing and weeping. Trying to sense me and where I am creeping. I hang above her little does she know. Silent, waiting, to deliver my blow. 

I picture her head pulled from sweet shoulders. By yours truly, as I gorge on her cheekbones.

I can sense it now, somewhere above. My hairs stand on end and perhaps I should run. Is that what it wants? At the end of it all. To torment me then feed as I bleed out on the floor. My limbs twitching throes as it tears through my flesh. Pain suffocates screams as I pray for death. I see it all and how this plays out. I stay frozen and scared, relish each breath. I don’t want to die alone by this tree. 

But it’s too late I realise… 

As the beast drops on me.

She screams when I land on the ground beside her. No longer hidden safely, from I the monster. I prowl around that silly old tree. That can’t keep my food safely hidden from me. Come here my sweet, do not be afraid. I’ll open your body. Use your organs for play.

For nothing ever can escape me.

I am beast, a monster… 

Full moon or not.

You see?

The End

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