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A passionate writer revealing a growing collection of work in dark fiction, ranging from horror to comedy and all the messy bits in between.

The 'For Consumption' section, has a collection of short stories across different genres. 'In the Lavender Sea,' and 'Escaping Aber-Where,' are just two of a few that had gathered readers and feedback aplenty. Far more recently, headliners have been 'The Displacement Artist,' and a new release in 2021, 'Kid Be Gone.'

Immortal Lust is now available on audio and the link is contained within the story.

A series Proactive Square, split into several parts, details the stories of central characters who are recruited to work in a secret city developed to run a one world economy. The City itself is stuffed full of viciously ambitious people, all run and recruited by four megalomaniacs whose vision and self interest knows no bounds. But this City was not meant to last, with only one way in and one way out. It won't take long for the maniacs to run amok. Dive in and read whatever appeals in the whole saga.

I also provide little hints and teasers on my forthcoming novel, 'And Then The End Will Come.' First draft excerpts are available. You can find more detail within the site. It's a story inspired in part by personal experiences within a cult religion and the opportunities it afforded me in understanding faith, people, and how far they will go to realise their dreams. It also passed on a slight obsession (!) with the fears of mortality versus the visions of immortality that go hand in hand with some religious organisations.

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If you would like to hear and see more in person, here are links to two recent interviews, one with the lovely Manchester radio station ALLFM, about recent short story successes and the novel, copy and paste:

The second is an interview with BoomersBooks, via YouTube:

Companionship, escapism, relief and horror await.....

Please note, some stories contain explicit language and content. Tread lightly.

Thank You For Reading.

David DeWinter

Contents & IntroductionContents & Introduction